How is Social Media Data Extractor Tool Working Wonders for Businesses?

Power exchange for LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, can extract the required social media data which match to your specified search criteria made much easier with the help of social media data extractor. Now you can easily and efficiently collect all the required data from social media within few minutes.  You can define you own search criteria or topics and you can simply extract social media data with more ease. You can load the extracted data for you further use.

Data extractor plays an effective role in extracting data such LinkedIn profile from the LinkedIn website which includes particulars like name, education, title, company name, etc. it allows you to extract valuable leads regarding sales from LinkedIn which makes you integrate into your business more accurately and quickly.


Makes you to Download Content

  1. Provides prior user Guide for establishing you connections such Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and enables you to create mappings.
  2. Mappings to extract
  • Extracts Facebook posts from all public Facebook pages.
  • Provides an authentication token in order to maintain linked profiles of all your connections based on user account.
  • It specific keywords for all Tweets.

How to Generate Leads

By using data extraction software, you can generate leads more efficiently. Joining the group on LinkedIn and twitter is the only best way to generate leads. Here you have an opportunity to join up with 55 groups. Choose groups those provide a platform for discussions which allows you to find more connections.

Use the social media ads in the much practical way to which provides users to find your page by clicking on it. This will provide you a scope to generate more leads.  Social media website like LinkedIn has the feature which makes to build relations in order to find the visitors of your profile. This info helps you to send a follow-up message to others who is in LinkedIn.

Activate participation on LinkedIn with repeated posts is the intelligent way to keep yourself on the screen of your followers.


More about data scraper:

The data scraper is mainly based on windows application.

  • It thoroughly helps in extracting unlimited data from social media.
  • It makes your search easy, fast, accurate and free.
  • It automatically extracts all the required business details in just a few seconds.
  • It performs all you daily activities very easily.

Data extractor ensures high security in order to protect your data it plays an efficient role in protecting your members data with more safe.

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