How Social Media is a Business Vista?

The social media platform is like an open source platform where any individual can use the social media in order to stay connected with their friends, family staying anywhere in the globe.

Introduction of social media:

Before the development of the web technology, people were using phones, text messaging in order to communicate with other individuals which sometimes can be expensive….

But the introduction of the free social media network enables individuals to do communication for free.

What is the definition of social media?

We can say that is the collection of different free communication platforms which are specifically concentrated on public based chat, input, associations, content-distribution etc. The wide network of social media includes wiki, social bookmarking, social networking, blogging, forums, social causation etc.


Know some of the extrusive social media platforms:


I am very sure that the name is enough for the introduction.

Yeah….It is Facebook the most well-known, most used, most successful, most astonishing social media platform. Facebook is currently having the maximum number of active user throughout the world….

Currently, Facebook has won Whatsapp which is a free messaging, pictures and document sharing app. This absolutely enhances the competence of Facebook and add some more flavor to it…

Brand new Features of Facebook:

1-Enjoy social communication with Facebook messenger:

Now, Facebook users can install FB messenger on their mobile, PC and any time can get the messages, updates, notification of their friends. They can download this free software from the web.

2-Make 3G video call and stay connected with your belongings:

Free Facebook video calling feature add a great value to the efficiency of Facebook and enable people to stay connected with people by doing 3G video call.

3-Create event can help in improving the social media marketing:

Now, individuals who are a part of digital marketing are using the Facebook social event creation feature to advertise their new products and services. They can invite several clients, Facebook users, their competitors to the events.

#The next current generation social media platform is “Twitter”…

This amazing social media networking site is currently used by several politicians, celebrities to create awareness among the public, also several informational topics are being discussed by the posts or tweets… thus the boundary of Twitter is expanding with the increasing number the followers…


Just like FB and Twitter some other social media platforms are

WIKI: where individuals can get all descriptive data of any topic…it can be social, professional or political, scientific, general, technological etc.


Which is currently used by the recruiters in order to recruit the youngsters.. Most of the individuals are having LinkedIn profile where they can upload their qualification details and can add their resume.

Reddit and Pinterest:

In Reddit, the social current affairs and forums are promoted by the members who are known as Redditors while with Pinterest one can share and categorize the images which are found online. it can be used in the visual marketing of the organization.

Nevertheless, social media is playing a lead role in the business promotion.. It has become a primary and non-separated part of digital marketing…A huge number of social media management tools are available on the web, in order to make a successful social media marketing. They include SMM( Social Media Management), SMO( Social Media Optimization), Social CRM( Customer Relationship Marketing), Enterprise social networking.