How to Splash Cash on Vista of London Life?

If you are planning to have a trip to London, you may be compiling and gathering money from a long time. Many people thought that London is a very expensive place but if someone very smartly spend his or her money then he or she can enjoy the London life with some good companion as well as give full justice to your money.


You may find a number of sites who gives you plenty ideas on how to explore the beauty of London without spending too much money over there. Here you will find many ways to spend your money like there is no tomorrow.

Have an exclusive dinner

When you are on a trip there will be always some special room in your budget for a lively and fine dining. Being into this city you will love to hit some really nice restaurants where you will be served some world-class cuisines. There was an amazing Guinness world record here. the Roux Jr,s Gavarocche holds the record for serving the most expensive meal ever. which costs around euro 12,500 and that too in back 1997 means the spending amount was way more expensive. The most of the cost was spent on wine. London is also famous for the world ‘s some finest wine ever.


If you are a real food lover as well as love to cook then go for chef’s table from where you can have a look on the working chef as well as you have a separate room for your friends. There was a hotel in London where there is a very strange type of rule exist there is a set menu and you must have a minimum requirement of people with you to book a table there.

If you are going to hit opera book a private box where there is a lush interior and you have your personal waiter for serving of your wine. Along with that, you will be served with some great food. So what more you want to spend in your calm time with your friend with great wine and awesome food.

London has many festivals to enjoy so while planning to visit some festivals you can book for VIP tickets. This will not only save your time as you directly jump the queue and get an especial entry from the VIP area. So this is the way to spend your money in London.

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