Techniques that are useful to enhance Facebook Professional Services

Are you using Facebook for your local business?

Want to reach a huge number of locally targeted customers?

So now it’s easy because Facebook launched professional services recently. Which acts as a directory that helps the consumers to find the best available local business and services to meet their requirement. In this article, I will make know how to use the feature of Facebook service professionals to strengthen the visibility with local customers.

What does Facebook Professional Services mean?

Facebook professional services can be referred as a directory inside the Facebook for the purpose of local business which includes best ratings and reviews.


Customers can thoroughly use the search box to locate the business in the area based on the particular keyword related to the services or products that are needed. It also provides the facility to browse the top business categories. Within those search results, customers can able to required details of that particular local business which includes their address, contact number, and also ratings of the product.

As there are no certain guidelines to determine local business by using face algorithm after regular searches, then you can simply determine it based on the following.

  • Where the local business can be located
  • Matching the keywords on the local business page’s such as description, name and category
  • To determine the average star rating of overall local business
  • To determine the number of ratings, the local business has achieved
  • The total number of check-ins available for the local business
  • Based on the previous interactions between held between the customer and local business page


3 Tips that are helpful to boost your local business’s visibility in the local directory.

  1. by choosing the correct categories and subcategories for your local business.

Make sure that customers can able to find your local business as per the category list. And also, ensure to choose the exact categories and subcategories that suit your local business.

  1. Make sure to entering the details of Your Business

You should enter all your business related details, in particular, field provided by Facebook page (About tab of your local business) which are available in the search results of the Facebook professional services.

  1. Multiple Contact Options

Whenever customers go through your Facebook page which includes local business. They will notice whether you have provided different contact info or not.

So you deign your website in such a way so that customers can connect you in the variety of ways.

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