Types of Tech Hair Extension That are Excellent For Thin Hair


Hair extension is an excellent way of giving immediate length to your hair as well as adding volume to the natural hair. There is variety of hair extensions available in the market depending on the suiting needs of your hair. Some of the hair extension are as follows:

Hair extension of clip-in

They are known to be a temporary type of hair extension. You can remove them whenever you want. They are excellent for those who do not want the hair extension for permanent use. The clip- in hair extensions are gaining its popularity day by day and the perfect for the women who use hair extension for a temporary purpose.


Hair extension Fusion types

These types use the bonding of keratin in the ends plus wave of ultrasonic are used for softening the bonds of keratin for the application. They seem to be little costly but it worth for the beautiful hair. They are kind of permanent, therefore, the period of installation is somewhat lengthy.

Hair extension of micro links

They are the type which is applied to the hair strand by strand with a tool that is that attaches each hair extension to your hair. If you have to be very careful while applying them as when they are clamped that can damage the shaft of hair.


Hair extensions of braided weft

They are the type which is seemed in the hair and braided for covering the head as well as hair wefts in braided rows. They are of a finest quality that gives your stylish and elegant look in the most fashionable manner.

Hair extension of tape in

That are of the newest techniques. The hair extensions get bonded with your hair with the use of tape as well as weft that are wide and are used row by row. The wefts of tape are light weighted plus are thin, that does no damaging to the natural hair. The have the biggest advantage that it is a method of single application. This type of hair extension is considered to be the finest solution for your thin hair. It can also be used for long wearing without damaging single strand of your natural hair. This hair extension uses no special tools or chemicals. They are best for long run making you and your look pretty stylish, fashionable and elegant with luminous and party kind of look.