Why Stem Cell Storage is a Beneficial Technology?

The stem cells that are hematopoietic found in the blood cord has the ability to replenish and rebuild the immune systems as well as the human body blood. They have the ability to lead in treating over 80 diseases that are life threatening with the blood cord. Many families are getting the Stem Cell Storage Benefits

There are many other forms of cells that stem cells of hematopoietic can differentiate into:

  • Blood vessels, cells of blood and bone cartilage

  • Nerve cells, cells of immune system and muscles cells

tubes for centrifuge

A perfect source of stem cell

Cells of blood cord stem cells are very easy for cryogenically freezing as well as important for collecting process. Stem cells alternative sources like the bone marrow have the procedure that is invasive whereas the stem cells of the cord blood are easily drawn by cutting the umbilical cord in just less than five minutes. The stem cells that are taken from newborn are very flexible plus are younger than adult stem cells that give them the abilities of better regeneration.

Who mostly use cord blood stem cells?

Perfect for siblings

There are many situations where they have the transplants from the donor like the siblings where they see the requirement and has the biggest chance of survival when the stem cells of the donor that is related to the family are used. Families that are bold related has the highest chance of getting Stem Cell Storage Benefits. There is a 50 percent of the chance that by the sibling’s blood cord there is a greater chance of survival. When there are transplants many doctors say that it has the best to take the chance rather they are not having any chances

For protecting the future of baby child

If the bay has its own blood cord than will be 100 percent and a sure match for their own stem cells. Sometimes many families could not collect their baby’s blood cord as they have they have their first child and as some disease are genetic the only solution that seems right is the blood cord.


Blood cord is a greatest medical storage

As you store the blood cord of the baby, you store a very important resources of the medical. As by now, there are millions of hematopoietic transplants of stem cells and over thousands of blood cord transplants and all these is performed worldwide and these thousands are increasing day by day.

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